Conduct appraisals room-by-room at your Vendors house and send the appraisal back to iDashboard ready for listing. Detailed features per room allow you to record the most detailed aspects of every property.


View all of your contacts and companies and perform buyer matches. Add new contacts, edit current contacts and sync their details with iDashboard. Your entire CRM now directly on your iPad.


Take all of your listings, including sales and rentals, with you in a stunning buyer viewer or intimate agent view. Get your listings fast through quick searches or dive deep with detailed searches.

Open Home Manager

Track your open home visitors and their feedback at each of your open homes. Easily add brand new visitors or add visitors that already exist in your contacts database.


The new app features a new action screen that allows agents the ability to communicate on different levels from a property or contact.


Searching has been taken to a new level, its even easier now to search for contacts by name, mobile, address using the global search facility.

Use It Anywhere

No WiFi where you are or don’t have a 4G iPad? We have you covered. When you get back to WiFi simply open up iDashboard for iPad and all your data will be sync’d with iDashboard automatically.

Auto Sync

iDashboard for iPad will automatically send data to and fetch data from iDashboard over WiFi, 3G, 4G and LTE. All you need to do is make sure iDashboard for iPad is open.