Release Notes 28/10/2015

What’s new?

  • Contacts with subscriptions report in Office Reports
  • Contacts with no subscriptions report in Office Reports
  • Workspace now allows you to send bulk emails
  • Comments from inspections and opinions now appear in the activity stream in contacts
  • You can now have new contacts automatically subscribed to email campaigns when they are added into a particular contact category
  • When deleting an employee you can now choose an employee to take over PM Portfolio properties

What’s changed?

  • New styling on activity stream in contacts
  • When adding a contact with a property match, sometimes the property match subscription would deselect for Chrome users
  • When accessing a Property > Contact > Send Email, sometimes the send email screen would be blank for Chrome users
  • Bulk deleting contacts has been moved to a background job, making the interface confirm your action faster
  • Undoing a contact import now correctly updates the total number of contacts you have in the system
  • Some changes to a property would cause a blank entry to appear in the property history tab