Release Notes 5/11/2015

What’s new?

  • Monthly Anniversaries report in Office Reports
  • Selling Fee Variances report in Office Reports
  • Contact property matches can now be searched via Suburb
  • Google Analytics now includes hits from MyDesktop generated campaigns (your iProperty website must support this feature for it to work correctly)
  • My Office menu on the Real Estate menu allows administration users faster access to your office stock
  • Profiles can now be set when creating a new employee or user
  • When reducing the price of a listing, we now record your ‘Advertise this property as a price reduction?’ answer in the property history
  • SMS Mobile Number field on employees allows users to send out SMS messages from their mobile number without advertising their mobile online and on listings
  • Custom contact fields allows your office to create custom fields to be used against contacts (such as Childrens Names)

What’s changed?

  • Past Buyers and Past Vendors reports now include filters for Listing Agent and Selling Agent
  • Linked Employees are now ordered by name, A to Z
  • VPA reports in the Franchise Management System are now ordered by $ and not % v. GCI
  • Revised layout to Newsletters and Magazines to make it easier for users to tell the difference between different newsletter series
  • Revised layout to Newsletters and Magazines ‘View all editions’ screen, including ordering by Date Send (newest first)
  • Contact categories box is now larger, making it easier to use on contacts with 10+ categories
  • Revised settlement values on Health for Principals
  • Creating a report with a custom list of properties would sometimes incorrectly filter when selecting ‘Show only published properties’