Release Notes 18/11/2015

What’s new?

  • We now import a new Settlement Date tag from MyDesktop users
  • We now import all Rural Attribute information from MyDesktop users
  • Health for Sales screen is now available to users with Sales as their profile
  • Workspace has gained a bulk action to Add contacts to a category
  • Workspace has gained a bulk action to Change contact owner
  • Workspace has gained a bulk action to Add note to contacts
  • Reverting a property from Under Contract back to Listing now automatically clears out the Settlement Date (if it was set)
  • When adding a new contact, duplication checking is now active on phone numbers
  • Workspace now has a new user friendly layout to cater for the new bulk actions

What’s changed?

  • The Auto Stats Contributing Settlements report in Office Reports now has clickable property addresses, allowing you to correct property data mistakes faster (franchise users only)
  • Performance improvements when you change the status of a property or update a property, resulting in faster save and load times