Release Notes 1/2/2016

What’s new?

  • Brand new Developer Portal
  • New portal feed to CommercialVIEW
  • Multi-property reports, such as handouts and stock lists, can now be ordered by Building Name
  • When creating a new contact via Open Home Attendance, we now log the date/time the contact was added in the contact history
  • Webhooks have been moved to their own job system queue, improving processing speed for other jobs

What’s changed?

  • Squiiz and Irene are now their own separated portal feeds
  • Some holiday properties from third party software providers would fail to import when sent with a council name or map reference
  • Speed improvements for offices that use a lot of API applications, such as iDashboard for iPad and iHomes
  • More concise About this report on the reports Conditional Properties, Listing Authority and VPA Outstanding
  • Some users would automatically be assigned as a contact owner when creating a new contact via Open Home Attendance
  • PM Portfolio now loads when you have an invalid property in your portfolio