Release Notes 11/4/2016

What’s new?

  • (ID-74) New agents on incoming feeds now have their profiles automatically set to Sales or Property Manager
  • (ID-120) Files that form part of an XML export, including the XML file and log, can now be downloaded
  • (ID-152) New incoming feed for AgentPoint
  • (ID-158) New outgoing feed to

What’s changed?

  • (ID-97) Incoming feeds no longer reset the listing data on properties
  • (ID-105) Pagination is now easier when unsubscribing contacts from within a campaign
  • (ID-162) PrintForce feed now delivers higher resolution images, up to 2000px wide
  • (ID-159) Updated the CoreLogic FTP destination addresses
  • (ID-139/140) We have ran a clean up script to fix all contacts with an invalid last name and an invalid email address

What’s fixed?

  • (ID-7) Contacts would not load when accessed via Tasks > Property > Vendor
  • (ID-96) Add Property Match would not load when accessed via Tasks > Contact > Property Match
  • (ID-106) The date selector on PM Portfolio add/edit would not load on some older versions of Firefox
  • (ID-155) Some newsletters would not show their sent date
  • (ID-157) Change Owner in Workspace would not re-assign the owner of all contacts for some users
  • (ID-134, 137, 135, 136, 143, 144, 146, 160) Multiple action view fixes where we are trying to load extremely old bad data