Release Notes 25/5/2016

What’s new?

  • (ID-219) Developers can now opt to use Hosted Webhooks
  • (ID-107) New street type cove
  • (ID-236) New feed to
  • (ID-228) All accounts now have a built-in iProperty Support user
  • (ID-#) Add About iDashboard link to user menu

What’s changed?

  • (ID-234) Unique image names are now sent in the feed to
  • (ID-233) Marketing material can no longer be generated without a Premium subscription

What’s fixed?

  • (ID-61) Feeds to now continue to process if there is an error with an image
  • (ID-226) Contact Category has been removed from Property action plans
  • (ID-235) Fixes a built in feature detection function