Release Notes 7/7/2016

What’s new?

  • (ID-247) Banking Information can now be added to contacts if your agency has Trust
  • (ID-70) Campaigns menu no longer

What’s changed?

  • (ID-269) Multiple user interface changes for accounts that do not have the CRM feature
  • Significant changes to Contacts based on office features and user permissions
  • Significant changes to Real Estate based on office features and user permissions
  • Major features now display a “You don’t have this feature…” message instead of been invisible
  • Changes to Real Estate search results list:
    • Tick box column has been removed
    • PID column has been removed
    • PID now sits next to suburb name
    • Vendor column now has an automatic width
    • Vendor column now disappears if your account doesn’t have the CRM feature
    • Pagination now appears at the bottom of results (as well as the top)

What’s fixed?

  • (ID-70) Campaigns menu no longer allows access to areas otherwise not permitted to users
  • (ID-259) Rescues invalid dates received from AgentBox
  • (ID-267) MyHome feed now completely removed
  • (ID-261) Website Marketing now shows ‘Unavailable’ next to portals that don’t support ID fetching
  • (ID-265) Workspace functions now support large numbers of contacts
  • (ID-#) ‘You have no contact price’ was rendering raw HTML
  • (ID-#) ‘Website eMag’ was rendering raw HTML