Cloud Based

Up in the clouds...

iDashboard is a cloud based service, which means there is no software to download, install, update, or maintain—saving you time, space, and money. There are no in-house servers, no license keys, and we maintain everything. It’s a win-win solution, especially if you’re looking for fast, secure, and hassle free service.

What is the cloud? The easiest way to describe ‘the cloud’ in a computing sense is that it is any product or service you use via your internet browser that doesn’t require you to download software or have your own servers.

iDashboard is built on the powerful Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform: one of the best cloud platforms accessible to private companies. While we have our main presence and data storage in the Sydney AWS region, we also utilise content networks at over 50 locations worldwide, ensuring iDashboard is fast to access and highly reliable.