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Administration and principal users can control what other users and employees have access to in iDashboard via ‘roles’. Find out More.

Contact Categories

Knowing what type of client a contact is can be very important to a business, as you may be dealing with first home buyers, investors, developers, etc. Different types of clients require different types of information. With iDashboard, you can add as many or as few contact categories as your business requires. This allows you to allocate contacts to multiple contact categories, so your business can better track or group clients. With these custom categories, you can then communicate to, and generate reports based on, your selected category/categories.

Contact Sources

Knowing where your clients/contacts are coming from is a very important piece of information to track. For example, if you determine you are generating most of your database only from open homes, you can alter your marketing tactics to generate more organic leads from other sources. The only way to know where you contacts are coming from is by entering a contact source on your contacts. These contact sources are completely customisable, giving you the power to add all the different avenues/sources that you are growing your database through. This feature gives you more information for contact/database reporting.

Canvas Areas

Does your business maintain canvas or territory areas? If so, iDashboard supports this requirement and, like contact sources and contact categories, allows you to completely customise your canvas area. Once you have set up your canvas area(s), you can go into any property and add that property to a particular canvas area, so that all iDashboard users can view which canvas area that property belongs to.

Commission Sets

Setting up custom and default commission sets is easy with iDashboard. Users can create as many different types of commission sets/structures as their business uses. Once you have set up your commission sets, you can add these details into the commission details for a property under offer by selecting the previously set up commission structure. This feature saves administrators time as well as improves accounting consistency.

Standard Expenses

From a property’s budgets and expenses tab, you can utilise standard expenses, such as newspaper ads. This saves time for administrators as they simply need to select the standard expense and the price of the item will automatically be applied. Setting up these standard expenses is easy, and users can set up as many as their business requires and change and add more at any point in time.


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