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Customise your iDashboard experience even further with templates in the document library. With the iDashboard document library, users can upload as many letters and documents as they require. You can set up these documents to merge data from contacts or properties within iDashboard and choose from over 250 mail merge fields. With these vast options, there is no limit to the types of merged documents you can generate from iDashboard. All document templates can be confirmed by business owners, ensuring documents being produced by employees are consistently in the approved format originally uploaded into the system.

iDashboard’s document library supports multiple file formats, including .rtf for single document merges and .docx for bulk document merges. As these merged documents can be produced at any time for any volume, this saves users a huge amount of time. With a few clicks users can generate letters for their entire database, print, and mail them the same day.

The iDashboard library also supports custom SMS templates that can be used in the SMS sender, including the use of mail merge fields. Once again, business owners can rest assured that SMS communications sent from iDashboard use the approved SMS templates originally uploaded.

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