Automatic Email Alerts Love your real estate software with iDashboard

Sending out newsletters and email notifications can be a full time job in itself; take the time commitment and stress out of periodic newsletters and instant alerts with iDashboard.

iDashboard offers ‘Automated Compositions/Alerts’, which is a powerful ‘set and forget’ tool that allows you to automate various types of email to appropriate contacts in your database.

'Automated Compositions' are made up of 3 types of compositions:

Whats Happening Summary

This is an automated email that includes upcoming OFI times, upcoming auctions, and new, sold, and leased properties. A great composition for letting your clients/subscribers know what has been happening within your agency—from new listings to recently sold or leased properties to upcoming open for inspection and auction times.

Requirements Match

This is an automated email that lists rental or for sale properties that match the requirements of contacts who are subscribed to your updates. Users can set property match specifications based on price, category, property type, suburb, beds, baths, etc., so contacts/clients receive information on properties that match what they are looking for.

Early Bird Alert

This is an automated email that lists properties that have just entered their early bird period.

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Creating your own automatic email alerts is easy, and you can control what type of information you include in the alerts. The auto alerts can be scheduled to send on a particular day of the week or multiple days of the week, so you can customise what types of alerts go out on what days. Alerts can be customised to contain exactly what you want, i.e:

  • Last 7 days of new properties
  • Next 14 days of open homes
  • Last 30 days of sold properties
  • More, including price reduced properties, under contracts, and other categories

With iDashboard, you can easily subscribe your contact to an ‘Automatic Composition’ from the Contacts Page or from Compositions Subscription Settings when you add them into the system or at any point in time.

No longer do you have to call or email all the clients you think would suit a newly listed property. Once you have entered their property match requirements into iDashboard and subscribed them to the ‘Requirements Match’ composition, they will automatically be notified of any newly listed properties that suit their nominated requirements.

With iDashboard, you’re on your way to becoming a leading agent with a stellar reputation as an agent who keeps their clients notified with relevant information and properties. Little do your clients know that the system is automatically doing this for you.