Email Tracking

Track all automatic campaigns, property match emails, and email newsletters that are sent out from your iDashboard account.

Keep your email campaigns lean with auto unsubscribe. If three emails to a contact bounce consecutively, then iDashboard will automatically unsubscribe the contact from the appropriate campaign. iDashboard will also write a note on that contact, so you know it was an automatic unsubscribe.

View the following at a glance from the email tracking screen:

Email Details

The email subject and date the email was sent.


How many contacts the email was sent out to.


Of those recipients, how many opened the email.


For the people who have opened your emails, see which properties they have clicked on and how many times they clicked.

Bounce Backs

Which contacts didn’t receive the email because they have a bouncing email address.


The total number of clicks by the email recipients.

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