General Emails

Sending once-off emails to a single contact or multiple contacts in bulk is a very easy process in iDashboard. Simply select the template (pre-formatted email design) you wish to use and nominate which contact(s) you wish to send the general email to. Users can then fill out the contents of the email body and add properties, images, hyperlinks, etc. to it. When you are happy with your email composition, you have the option to send the email out, save it as a draft, or send a preview of it to yourself.

iDashboard users can send these emails to one contact, multiple contacts, or even contacts that belong to a particular contact category, giving you greater control over what content goes to who.

Your business may have one standard template or multiple templates. If you would like a custom template made for a specific purpose, our design team can create it for you. Simply let us know or provide us with an example of what type of template email design you require.

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