Property Match Alerts

iDashboard allows you to perform matches for your buyers and tenants to properties based on their specific market requirements. iDashboard performs exact matches, not partial matches, which ensures the results are far more accurate and match exactly what your contact has requested.

When setting up a property match for a client, you can also subscribe them to alerts. These alerts automatically notify buyers of properties that match their specifications as soon as they come on the market.

Users can set property match specifications based on price, category, property type, suburb, beds, baths, etc., so contacts/clients receive information on properties that match what they are looking for. This helps mitigate inundating clients with information on every property that comes on the market.

These automatic property match settings are a ‘set and forget’ tool. Once a contact is subscribed to receive the alerts, you don’t need to do anything else. Your clients will be notified each time properties that suit their requirements come on the market for sale or for lease.

By using iDashboard’s ‘Property Match Alerts’ to your full advantage, you will save yourself valuable time and will be well on your way to boasting a reputation as an agent who excels at ongoing communication with their clients.

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