Contact Management Features – Love getting started

You’ll love getting started

Start Fresh

When starting with iDashboard, you are now in a unique position where you can begin building your database with a clean slate. Adding your selected contacts into your iDashboard database is easy with our contact wizard tool. In no time you can be up and running with a database that when used in conjunction with the wide array of contact tools, will bring you long term rewards


Easily import your current contact list from another program or CRM via a .csv file. Once you’ve imported your list, iDashboard allows you to match up each column of data with the field in our own system, so that your important contact information is securely imported into the iDashboard system. You can keep communicating with your contacts from the moment the import is complete.


Over time, you may discover duplicate contacts have been imported or added. iDashboard makes tidying up your duplicates simple and convenient. Whether you want to delete multiple versions of the same contact or merge two duplicates together, you can keep your business’s database clean and accurate with our ‘contacts cleaning’ tool.