Contact Management Features – Stay in touch

Stay in touch

Call Backs

Quite often, when you call a client, he or she may be unable to answer or ask you to call again another day. Keeping track of call backs can be a job in itself. There will be no more scribbles in your diary or on post-it notes, because with iDashboard you can simply set yourself a reminder to call the client back on a certain day.

Email Property Alerts

Easily subscribe your buyers, tenants, and other contacts to your automated email alerts. Find out more.


With our iDashboard CRM system, you can send SMS communications to your clients all within the easy-to-use interface. Target individual contacts, a list of contacts, contacts in your workspace, and even open home visitors and private inspection visitors. There are many ways you can use SMS from iDashboard.

Email Newsletters

Set up, and subscribe your contacts to, category-specific email newsletters, such as an investor newsletter or market update. Find out more.