Commissions & Expenses

Budgets & Expenses

With iDashboard you can easily set marketing, advertising, and/or expenditure budgets for your properties. As some companies share the cost of the marketing campaign, you can set a budget for each party by designating the vendor (VPA), agent(s), and office amount.

Once the advertising or marketing campaign begins, you can add expenses and view how much of your budget remains each time an expense is logged. This feature also allows you to easily track vendor (VPA), agent, office, and shared expenses in addition to credits.

Administrators can also set up standard marketing expenses for items that are regularly utilised, which saves employees time by allowing them to select from a list of standard expenses rather than fill out expense details each time an item is ordered.


When a property becomes ‘under contract’, you can calculate and perform full commission splits for single or multiple employees based on percentages or dollar values. The system also automatically calculates the tax value for each commission received.

Users can generate powerful office reports for commissions and expenses, enabling principals and administrators to monitor staff activity, income forecast reports, and outstanding advertising reports. You’ll consistently have your thumb on the pulse of your business. Salespeople can also access forecast reports for their income based off of commissions entered into the system, so at any point they can make plans based on their future income.

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