Listings Management Love your real estate software with iDashboard

A Complete Solution

When it comes to different types of listings, iDashboard offers you a complete solution. We support sale and rental properties across a range of departments, including residential, rural, commercial, business, and holiday. Whether you are selling blocks of land or renting boutique apartments, you can list them with iDashboard.

No matter what type of listing or property you have in iDashboard, we allow you to keep track of your vendors, buyers, and solicitors on your sale listings, as well as your landlords and tenants on rental listings. We even let you track tenants on sale properties.


An interface that will delight: easy. simple. intuitive.

Property fields and ready-to-go features

Dashboard has loads of fields to store all of your data on residential, rural, land, commercial and business listings – including over 100 ready-to-tick or pre-populated fields to choose from. We have specialised fields for rooms, building features, and property features. We also have a large selection of fields for rural properties. Most of our fields and features are supported by the big portals, so selecting these features will improve the online marketing of your property. You can even keep track of your original appraisal details with appraisal notes, vendor opinions, and individual details for each room of the appraised property.


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Media Management Upload and manage media with ease



Backed by our powerful media servers, you can upload as many images as you want in any resolution you desire. Our media servers will automatically resize and reduce images depending on where they need to be displayed or sent, so you don’t have to upload images at a particular size to satisfy any of the big portals. Win!



Just like regular images, we allow you to showcase floorplans. In addition to the ability to upload any resolution of floorplan you want, you can also upload a PDF floorplan and we will automatically convert it to an image for you. Less time in pesky conversion software and more time for the important things.


Links & Video Embeds

Improve the performance of your website by adding links and embedded videos right inside your listings. Links let you link to useful information that might positively influence a buyer’s decision, such as local amenities, schools, and nearby transport. Embedding videos allows you to showcase videos to your prospective buyers.

Property uploads Without the effort


Publish & Upload

Publishing ensures your property only goes online when you are ready. You can select exactly which portals you want to load your property to and we will take care of the rest.

‘Set and forget’ ensures that any future property updates are automatically taken care of – there is no need to ‘republish’ or ‘upload’ your listing again. Our publishing is also instant, meaning we aim to get your updates out to your own website and all third party websites as soon as possible – not once an hour or once a day, but instant!


Portal Feedback

Some portals, such as and, provide us with valuable feedback on each property upload we send them. We decipher this information and put it into a user-friendly ‘Website Marketing’ pane that gives you the status of your property on each website.

Additionally, you can click on some of the portals to go directly to your listing on that site, which is a huge time saver! If you have an error from one of the portals, we will show you the error too, so you know exactly why your property may not be uploading to that site.


Fully Transparent

We believe in transparency in iDashboard, so much so that we give you complete access to our feeds – the very system that handles the packaging and sending of every property update you make.

See every time your listing is uploaded to websites and exactly what information we are sending. For the tech savvy, we even give you access to the actual .xml file we send to websites, which is great for troubleshooting and determining if a website is processing your property updates correctly.

Organisation Keep track and stay organised


Expenses & Budgets

Track all expenses for VPA, agents, and the office through this simple and nifty screen.


Digital Marketing

Keep track of all emails and SMSs sent out for each property, including open rates and click-throughs on emails.


Action Plans & Trails

Trigger task plans automatically or manually on your listings with our ‘action plans’ feature.



A lot can happen during the lifetime of a listing – keep track of all of your notes in one simple area.

Visitor Management Done beautifully


Private Inspections

Schedule or record private, one-on-one inspections you may have with your prospective buyers. As with open home visitors, you can record their opinion, thoughts, and mark if you need to follow them up or not.


Open Homes & Visitors

Keep track of your visitors, including their opinions, follow up status, and if their visit matches their requirements. Toggle each visitor’s opinion and follow up with a single mouse click, allowing you to quickly filter out the serious buyers.


Private Inspections

Schedule or record private, one-on-one inspections you may have with your prospective buyers. As with open home visitors, you can record their opinion, thoughts, and mark if you need to follow them up or not.

Insight More insight to your leads and clientele



Opinions allows you to see who is interested, who may be interested, and who is not interested. It also includes a few tools to help you market to each category of prospect. Has your property had a price reduction? Tick everyone not interested because of price and send them a quick email or SMS alert.


Access & Occupation

Keep track of tenants, key numbers and other vital access information on any type of property, including your sales and auctions. Associating your tenant with a property is a handy feature that allows you to keep in touch with tenants when you’re selling an investment property.


Web Views

Powered by Google Analytics, we track web views from your iProperty hosted website and filter out hits for each property. We compared daily hits for each property to calculate your office average and median, giving you useful insight into how your property is performing.

AND Much much more!


Print Marketing

Stop spending hours trying to figure out complicated design tools, and stop spending hundreds of dollars on brochures that may never be used. Our print marketing allows your entire team to generate brochures, droppers, window cards, and other custom marketing material in seconds. You can find out more about custom material right here.



Upload and store all of your property documents and attachments; contracts, sections, and any other document you need to track can be stored in iDashboard. Make it easier for prospective buyers to access certain documents by making them public (doing so will make the document appear as a download link right within your iProperty hosted website).


Document Library

Quickly and easily merge documents, including your own customised sales advice, thank you letters, follow up letters, and anything else you can think of. All of your templates can be easily loaded into your account settings, providing fast access on any property you have listed in iDashboard.



All changes to your listings are tracked automatically through the property history tab, including the time of the change, date, author, and the change itself. This is super useful to confirm changes were made when requested or to see exactly who changed an aspect of the property advertisement.


Price Reductions Automation that works

iDashboard intelligently assesses your changes to the low and high search prices of your listings, detecting if you are entering a price reduction. With the help of a confirmation prompt, we ask you if you would like to advertise your price reduction through your automated email campaigns and on your iProperty hosted website.