Listings Management Features – Media management

Upload and manage media with ease


Backed by our powerful media servers, you can upload as many images as you want in any resolution you desire. Our media servers will automatically resize and reduce images depending on where they need to be displayed or sent, so you don’t have to upload images at a particular size to satisfy any of the big portals. Win!

Links & Video Embeds

Improve the performance of your website by adding links and embedded videos right inside your listings. Links let you link to useful information that might positively influence a buyer’s decision, such as local amenities, schools, and nearby transport. Embedding videos allows you to showcase videos to your prospective buyers.


Just like regular images, we allow you to showcase floorplans. In addition to the ability to upload any resolution of floorplan you want, you can also upload a PDF floorplan and we will automatically convert it to an image for you. Less time in pesky conversion software and more time for the important things.