Property Uploads

Upload your listing once... ...and let iDashboard do the hard work with instant property uploads


Every Portal You'd Want

iDashboard supports over 50+ of the most popular real estate websites and portals in Australasia, meaning your listings can be everywhere consumers are looking.


100% Automated

Each time you make a change to a listing, iDashboard will automatically send an update to all the portals you subscribe to - no need to manually perform uploads!


Controlled Publishing

Publishing controls when and were a listing should appear online; great for situations where a property owner may not want their property advertised on a particular site.


Property Linking

Automated property linking for the major portals means one click in iDashboard will take you straight to your listing on that site. You’ll no longer have to search and find the property on each portal.


Less Errors

You'll know if something is missing from your listing that will prevent it from appearing online. And if there is something we miss, we will process the error from the portal and send you a heads up email.



Automatically keep check of your sold properties, making sure your recent sales lists are always tidy and relevant. On maturity we will automatically take sold properties offline for you.

So Many Portals! Just some of the websites and portals iDashboard supports

New Real Estate Portals & Websites

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