Agency Reports Love your real estate software with iDashboard

Stay on top of your real estate business with Agency Reports within iDashboard. All agency reports give you key insights into your metrics and data, so you have a greater understanding of how your business is tracking. Agency reports allow you to easily pinpoint which areas of your business may require more focus, so you can grow your businesses income.


This report shows you commission breakdowns and amounts for settlements during a particular period. For example, you can find out how much commission your office earned in a given period.


This report shows you property status conversions for an individual agent. For example, for a single agent you can find out how many appraisals were converted to listings.

Internet Activity

View the web activity and property views on your website for active properties within iDashboard, powered by Google Analytics and built right into iDashboard with no external system to learn.

Selling Fee Variances

Compare your base commission to actual commission you earn on each settlement, indicating whether your agency is reaching its goals.


This report shows you settlements and relating information. For example, you can see all settlements for a particular period.

SMS Sent

This report shows you how many SMS messages originated from each employee during a given period in time.

Suburb Performance

This report shows you settlement performance on a per-suburb basis. If a suburb has more than one settlement, then averages (Avg.) for that suburb will be shown.

Yearly Conversions Summary

This report shows you property status conversions. For example, you can see how many appraisals were recorded and converted to listings on a month-by-month basis.

Yearly Sales Summary

This report shows you sales figures for a year, tallied monthly. For example, you can see total contracted performance month to month.