Contact Reports

iDashboard enables users to easily report on the CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) contacts within the system, giving users more information and tools to keep their thumb on the pulse of their database.

Our contact export builder allows you to export fine grain data or all data for your contacts within iDashboard. Users can export their contacts in a number of different formats, including .csv and .pdf.

More advanced reports allow you to add report results directly to WorkSpace for bulk actions. WorkSpace lets you work smartly with a temporary list of contacts and perform bulk actions on contacts, including generating a bulk mail merge document or sending a bulk email or SMS. Find out More.

With iDashboard contact reports you can generate the following reports:

Contacts with Zero Subscriptions

This report shows you contacts that have no email subscriptions. Please be aware that while contacts in this report currently have no subscriptions, they may have had subscriptions at some point and have since unsubscribed.

Contacts with Subscriptions

This report shows you contacts and their email subscription status. If a contact has ‘none’ in the campaign(s) column and nothing in the unsubscribe(s) column, this means they have never had an email subscription.

Monthly Anniversaries

This report shows you vendor or buyer anniversaries for a particular month. Anniversaries are collected by month from the time you started using iDashboard.

Past Buyers

This report shows you buyers that have purchased properties during a search period.

Past Vendors

This report shows you vendors that have sold properties during a search period.

Unsubscribed Contacts

This report shows you contacts that have unsubscribed from your campaigns during a search period.

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