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Hello! Welcome to iDashboard. We’re a tech savvy and values-driven company committed to providing revolutionary solutions to the everyday challenges real estate agents face. In an ever-changing market, we believe your tools should change and grow with you and your industry.

iProperty is a privately owned Australian business based in Melbourne, Victoria. We’re proud to be an independent provider without ties or interests to any of the big portals, major franchises or media outlets. We’ve been helping real estate professionals, agencies, and property developers for more than 15 years, providing the Australian real estate industry with a range of comprehensive tools, including one of the first mobile apps (remember palm pilots?!).

iDashboard is our flagship real estate app and the backbone of our real estate ecosystem. It can become your backbone, too. From listing management to contact management to marketing to reports, iDashboard is real estate software you’ll love, because it does it all. We work hard to ensure iDashboard delivers the tools you need and exceeds the requirements of a busy real estate office.

As a key service offering for real estate professionals, iDashboard is built on the philosophy and belief that valuable feedback combined with great technical expertise and experience results in a remarkable design that delivers exceptional value to the end user. In this case, the end user is you.

We regularly meet with users who utilise every aspect of iDashboard to understand “what’s next” and how to deliver the next ground breaking feature that makes your life and business easier. As a result, iDashboard is always ‘growing’ with new features added on a weekly basis. We value efficiency and providing comprehensive tools that fit into your everyday life, which is why we’ve designed a user-friendly app that you can truly master and utilise.

In addition to providing premium products, we strongly believe in providing premium support – for free. We understand not everyone is ‘tech savvy,’ and sometimes you just need to be able to pick up the phone and get the help you’re looking for.

Hello again – and welcome to iDashboard. Shall we get you the tools and real estate software you need to start streamlining your business and succeeding like never before? Contact us today for more information.

Solutions For Everyone

Solo agents, teams, boutiques, franchises and offices of all sizes

Money Back Guarantee

Not 100% loving it? Leave within 60 days and get a full refund1

Amazing Support

Complimentary business phone and email support for all users

Easy To Learn

The easiest interface to learn, you’ll be up and running faster than ever

Unlimited Users

No per-seat licensing on our standard agency plans

Contact Management

Manage your vendors, buyers, and more, all in one place

Developer API

An open and free to use REST API for developers looking to hook in

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