Money Back Guarantee

It's this simple...

We believe in building and delivering great products. We also believe you will love our products, but we do back them with a 60 day money back guarantee. It’s simple and works as follows:

If for whatever reason…

  • You are not 100% satisfied with iDashboard
  • You have decided you do not want to continue using iDashboard

…we will refund in full any invoices paid to iProperty Pty Ltd for the setup and use of iDashboard within the first 60 days your account has been live.

If you have opted for a 12, 24 or 36 month contract, we will also void your agreement without further charge.

Please note that this guarantee only covers iDashboard and does not cover:

  • Any credit based products accessible in iDashboard that have already been spent, such as SMS (we will refund any unused credit)
  • Any other products and services offered by iProperty Pty Ltd, which may have their own guarantee policies
  • Any invoices paid to third party companies as a result of your move to iDashboard, including third party portals that may charge for a data extract to pre-populate your account
  • Any costs associated with moving away from iDashboard, such as reverting to your old supplier or going to a new supplier
  • Any other costs not invoiced by iProperty Pty Ltd