Fair Use Policy


Fair use for all...

We believe you should pay one low price no matter how big your office is; however, we do need to subject a few items to fair use. With your iDashboard account, you benefit from:

  • Unlimited users, employees, and staff*
  • Unlimited listings and image uploads
  • Unlimited contacts

Whilst your account is unlimited in the above areas there are some conditions:

  • Each iDashboard account is limited to one office and subsequent offices will need their own individual accounts
  • Your use of iDashboard must not affect other accounts or users
  • Your use of iDashboard must not be deemed unreasonable (as determined by us)

Our Fair Use Policy outlines our beliefs and principles; however, how you can use your iDashboard account is still subject to our Terms of Use.

* Unlimited users, employees, and staff only applies to regular office iDashboard accounts and does not apply to our solo or duo agent plans (where only one or two users/employees/staff are permitted respectively).

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