Data Guarantee

Your data belongs to you...

It can take years to build up a high quality database of buyers, sellers, and other individuals you have met in your real estate career. We want to ensure you’re aware that you own all of the data you put into iDashboard. Whether you are an independent, belong to a small group, or belong to a large franchise, your data belongs to you.

As your data care takers:

  • We will always host and store your data in Australia; we do not use offshore data centres to host or store private or confidential data
  • We will never access your data without your permission or consent (sometimes, we need to access your data when we provide training, help, or support)
  • We will never share your data outside of iDashboard without your permission or consent
  • We will never sell or mine your data

If you need to share your data, there are strict controls inside of iDashboard that highlight what data you are sharing, so you’re aware. These include:

  • Sharing with third party add-ons and integrations
  • Sharing with third party real estate portals for advertising purposes
  • Sharing statistics with your franchise head office

iProperty Pty Ltd (the owners and creators of iDashboard) is a private, Australian business. We take care of your data for you while you maintain 100% ownership.

Whilst our Data Guarantee outlines our beliefs and principles, data storage is still subject to our Terms of Use.