Tour Love your real estate software with iDashboard


Hello & welcome to our self-paced tour of iDashboard, the easiest way to learn how iDashboard can work for your business as a real estate listing and contact management tool. Here you will learn first hand how iDashboard focuses on an ease of use not found in other CRM apps, all backed by our outstanding support.

This tour is a very small sampling of what iDashboard has to offer. Clicking on each tab will provide further videos on that topic. Love your real estate software.


iDashboard is the easiest real estate listing and contact management app you will ever use. Your road to beautiful real estate software starts with the Dashboard screen, easy to follow navigation and thoughtfully laid out screens.


Contacts forms the core of the CRM functionality in iDashboard and allows you to manage both people and companies. The CRM powers great features such as buyer tracking, automated email campaigns, open home visitor tracking, online vendor reporting and much, much more.

Real Estate

iDashboard is the easiest listing management tool, allowing you to upload listings to over 50 real estate portal websites with the click of the Save button. All updates are automated and instant, meaning you can churn through listing updates faster.


Whether you're an entry level user or a power user, Campaigns can help you advertise and increase leads. Automated campaigns run around the clock on a schedule you set; as long as you are listing new properties then iDashboard is sending out emails for you.


Gain insight and knowledge into your listing activities with office reporting, report in real time live to your vendors on the status of their sale and generate beautiful looking print marketing, such as rental handouts.

More Features

iDashboard offers a wide & ever growing range of tools and features for your Real Estate business. Please find below a list of the core components within iDashboard, covering Listings through to Contacts, through to Task Management as well as Marketing and so much more.