Email & Spam Policy

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Subject to our Terms of Use policy and additional policies, you must have explicit permission from contacts to:

  • Subscribe them to any of the automated and manual email alerts, including newsletters, campaigns, and general compositions that are generated from iDashboard
  • Send them emails or SMS messages for the purpose of marketing your own products and services

iDashboard provides safeguards to ensure contacts are not sent unsolicited electronic marketing, including permissions on a per-contact basis to send emails or SMS messages. iDashboard also records all subscribe and unsubscribe history for individual contacts, as well as a complete history of all electronic communications that the contact has previously received.

As a business, you should ensure you are aware of the laws in your state, territory, or country around electronic marketing. Specifically, in Australia, all businesses are subject to the Spam Act 2003. You can find out more about the Spam Act at

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