Provider XML Feeds

This Provider XML Feeds Agreement (Agreement) is between iProperty Pty Ltd ABN 49 096 631 819 (referred to as iProperty) and the entity or individual agreeing to this Agreement (referred to as you or your), collectively referred to as the Parties and each a Party. This Agreement governs the access and use of the Provider XML Feeds service available in iDashboard.

This Agreement does not override any terms set out in our Software as a Service Agreement.

1. Provider XML Feeds is a service which connects your iDashboard account to a third party data provider, such as (but not limited to) MyDesktop, CompleteData or Rockend REST (‘Data Provider’).

2. In order to use this service, you must make the necessary arrangements to send data to iProperty through a Data Provider that utilises the REAXML Spec to transfer listing data.

3. iProperty will only accept data from certified Data Providers. Certified Data Providers may need to enter into an agreement directly with iProperty to provide data.

4. This service is designed to accept data in the REAXML file format, as outlined at

5. You acknowledge that iProperty may, but is not obliged to, reject data send pursuant to this agreement that is not in line with the REAXML file format.

6. You acknowledge that this service may not provide access to all the features and facilities available on the web sites that would otherwise be available by using the iProperty Back Office Tools (iDashboard).

7. You acknowledge that your use of this service does not absolve you of your obligations under the terms and conditions relating to any iProperty Services you have with iProperty.

8. You acknowledge that:

8.1. By using this service, the data feed will manage the publishing of all your property data on the iProperty Web Hosting system.

8.2. If you already have property data on the iProperty Web Hosting system, you will be required to remove or archive this data and resend all the data from your chosen data provider.

8.3. If you are new to iProperty and do not have property data on the iProperty web hosting system you will need to arrange with your data provider to send through all of your property data in an initial feed.

9. Property records that do not pass our validation process when received by iProperty are excluded from the update of the iProperty Web Hosting system. These exceptions will be reported to the Listing Agent where possible via email. You need to ensure that you check these errors and address them as quickly as possible so that your property data can be processed successfully.

10. From time to time, iProperty is required to update this service in line with changes made to the REAXML Spec. Before implementing any alteration and update to the service, iProperty will consult with your data provider directly where applicable.

11. iProperty provides access to technical support for the diagnosing of problems that may occur in the operation of this service.

11.1. You must ensure that, where possible, any technical problems are reported by your Technical Contact. You must report technical problems to your data provider before making a support request to iProperty.

11.2. You acknowledge that iProperty may require detailed and technical information from your Technical Contact in order to provide the support requests and that without that information, support from iProperty may be limited or of minimal assistance.

11.3. You acknowledge that iProperty may assist in diagnosing but is not obliged to remedy technical faults in your computer system or that of your data provider.

11.4. You acknowledge that iProperty may charge for support if it resolves an issue specific to your system and it is in break of the REAXML Spec guidelines – you may be invoiced for the support time at the current iProperty hourly fee.

12. You acknowledge that the terms of this agreement allow iProperty to suspend your use of the service in certain circumstances, including where invalid data is being received from you or your data provider.

13. If your subscription is suspended under this agreement, iProperty may also suspend your use of the service for the same period as the suspension of your subscription.

14. iProperty provides this service ‘as is’ and will endeavor to process files received by your data provider as soon as possible. During busy periods you acknowledge that it may take up to four hours for your data changes to be processed and flow through the iProperty Web Hosting system. You should check with your chosen data provider to determine when they send updates to iProperty and how often.

15. Should you wish to utilise this service, you agree that you may not use the Portal XML Feeds service offered by iProperty. Should you want your data to appear on 3rd party websites you will need to request this service from your originating data provider.

15.1. You acknowledge that your data provider may not offer this service.

15.2. You acknowledge that iProperty will not be liable for any fees or charges that your data provider may charge you to push data to 3rd party websites.

16. You acknowledge that your data provider may have a set or ongoing fee to provide data to iProperty. This fee is payable by you, the customer.

17. iProperty will not be held liable for any data inaccuracies that may be displayed to the public as a result of the use of this service.