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A Complete Solution

Add all of your contacts into iDashboard, and organise them based on the different types of categories they belong to. You can easily add as many different custom categories as you need based on how your company tracks client types or how you wish to track them.

iDashboard supports both people and company contact types. You can also assign people to companies, which is great for solicitors or development companies in which you need both the company’s details and employee’s details.

With an iProperty hosted website, people who visit your website can subscribe to email alerts. You can access these website subscribers in iDashboard and view and update their details or even promote them from a subscriber to a fully-fledged contact.


Contact Management that is beautiful, easy, obvious.

Ready-to-go fields and custom fields

Record and enter a swath of data for your contacts in iDashboard, such as their email addresses, source, addresses, phone numbers, partner’s details, anniversary dates, etc. In addition to pre-populated fields, we also understand that offices sometimes require details from customers that are unique to that customer or unique to your business. iDashboard gives you the ability to create your own custom fields for contacts. When you create these fields, you are also provided a merge field so that this new data can be utilised in merged documents and email compositions.

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Start Fresh

When starting with iDashboard, you are now in a unique position where you can begin building your database with a clean slate. Adding your selected contacts into your iDashboard database is easy with our contact wizard tool. In no time you can be up and running with a database that when used in conjunction with the wide array of contact tools, will bring you long term rewards

Activity Stream

With one click, ‘activity stream’ provides iDashboard users with an overview of all comments from inspections, opinions on properties, and offers made by the contact you are viewing. With iDashboard, you will no longer have to go through each property to find a specific client’s feedback on that property, simply pull up the contact in iDashboard and have all this information right in front of you. Find out More.


Easily import your current contact list from another program or CRM via a .csv file. Once you’ve imported your list, iDashboard allows you to match up each column of data with the field in our own system, so that your important contact information is securely imported into the iDashboard system. You can keep communicating with your contacts from the moment the import is complete.


Over time, you may discover duplicate contacts have been imported or added. iDashboard makes tidying up your duplicates simple and convenient. Whether you want to delete multiple versions of the same contact or merge two duplicates together, you can keep your business’s database clean and accurate with our ‘contacts cleaning’ tool.

Ownership & Privacy

With iDashboard, you can easily allocate a contact to an employee or agent by indicating that they ‘own’ or ‘manage’ the contact. You can even go a step further and mark that contact as ‘private’, so that only that employee can view the contact details. This feature allows employees or agents to maintain their own private database. 

Action Plans

With action plans, you can develop running lists of actions for an agent or employee to take, or actions for the system to perform automatically, in order to improve lead workflow and commissions. Action plans, sometimes known as trails, are effectively automated to-do lists that are triggered by events in your office. Action plans help you stay on top of day-to-day tasks and maintain a unified work effort amongst your team, ensuring no tasks or to-dos are forgotten along the way.

Integrated as a service in iDashboard, action plans can be set up every time a new listing or prospect comes into the picture in order to provide an automated checklist complete with reminders. You can set up action plans for every single step of the real estate sales cycle—set up unlimited and customised action plans for customers or properties, customise what triggers them, and more. In iDashboard, your action plans are completely customisable to suit your personal needs. Find out More.

Stay in Touch

Call Backs

Quite often, when you call a client, he or she may be unable to answer or ask you to call again another day. Keeping track of call backs can be a job in itself. There will be no more scribbles in your diary or on post-it notes, because with iDashboard you can simply set yourself a reminder to call the client back on a certain day.

Email Property Alerts

Easily subscribe your buyers, tenants, and other contacts to your automated email alerts. Find out more.


With our iDashboard CRM system, you can send SMS communications to your clients all within the easy-to-use interface. Target individual contacts, a list of contacts, contacts in your workspace, and even open home visitors and private inspection visitors. There are many ways you can use SMS from iDashboard.

Email Newsletters

Set up, and subscribe your contacts to, category-specific email newsletters, such as an investor newsletter or market update. Find out more.

Track More Gain Insight

Automatic Anniversaries

iDashboard automatically starts tracking anniversaries for your contacts, such as when they had their property appraised or when their property was sold or withdrawn, and it displays this information in an easy to use format. Find out More.

Interests & Opinions

View property opinions from open home and private inspections for your contact, and whether you have marked that contact as interested in the properties they have viewed by marking them as ‘interested’, ‘maybe’, or ‘not interested’.

Lead Properties

With lead properties you can track properties that a vendor or investor owns without having to actually appraise the property. Both sales and rental properties can be marked as ‘lead properties’. Alternatively, you may have missed out on an exclusive listing. You can add the property into lead properties with a reminder set on the date the exclusivity period ends with the other agency. Find out More.


View a list of digital correspondence, such as SMSs and emails, sent from iDashboard to a particular contact. You can even view whether a particular email was opened, unopened, or bounced back.


Along with keeping track of a contacts property Interests & Opinions, you can track and view the offers made by this contact on single or multiple properties.

Property Match

iDashboard provides a great way to match your buyers and tenants to properties based on their specific market requirements. iDashboard performs exact matches, not partial matches, which ensures the results are far more accurate and match exactly what your contact has requested. By adding in a ‘buyer property match’ requirement, iDashboard can automatically email current and future property matches to your contacts. Find out More.

And much, much more to love...

Document Library

The document library in iDashboard makes it easy to standardise documents in your office and automatically fills in contact, agent, or property details. The document library allows you to store all of your standard letters, documents, templates, contracts, and agreements, and then merge those documents with your contacts and listing information.


Upload and view document attachments, such as identification, physical correspondence, or any items you would like to store against a contact.


When multiple employees have access to contacts within iDashboard, it is import to be able to view ‘who-made-what-change-when’. With iDashboard’s history tab, you can see the changes that were made to your contact and which employee made those changes.